Monday, 22 August 2011


First off, I would just like to welcome you all, and say thank you for taking a little time to read this blog. Secondly, here's a little information about me: I am now at Sixth Form, and hope to get the grades I need to go to university next year. Of course, with rising tuition fees and not knowing what grades I'll get, who knows what will happen? I can hope... And I can study, hard. So that's what I am doing. And, hoping to become a journalist, I have a keen interest in writing, and also in the news around me. Considering this, and knowing I would need some experience in the field, I felt this blog would be a brilliant way to get my thoughts and ideas across on the issues in the news, and to share them with you, the people reading this blog, in the hope that you will at least understand, if not agree with me. Of course, you can feel free to comment at the end and let me know what you think, and suggest what other topics I should write about, or, what I should do to improve my blog! Anyway, I hope I'm not waffling, and I hope you will come back and read my blog again when I have added a some more. Until then, Thank you. 

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