Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Okay, this is going to be an extremely quick update, but I thought it fair to let anyone reading this blog know, I also have a Wattpad page you are free to look up. I only have one story so far, I have to admit, but I welcome constructive criticism, and I truly love writing. If this appeals, please look up my Wattpad page at and my username is:


Hope this helps, please feel free to check it out, however briefly. Thank you!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Debating Club Christmas Charity Raffle

Well, it's the run up to Christmas now, and not long to go until we break up from school for our last school Christmas Holiday. Obviously, I'm looking forward to it, but there are a few other things I have to look forward to before then, as does anyone reading this blog who knows me.

First, we have our Weekly Debating Club meeting on Monday, which I always enjoy (I like to argue my case on topics I feel particularly strongly about, and doing it with friends is even better if you ask me). Monday, after school with BISCUITS. Of course, that isn't the deciding factor (and I mean that - I go even without biscuits), but it makes a nice little addition. The topics and the people are what really make a debating club what it is. Our debating club is great, because not only are the people extremely nice and friendly, but we always end up having a lively and engaging debate on topics that really interest us. One week, for example, we debated the important, if slightly controversial topic of abortion, and on another occasion we debated about the protest outside ST Paul's Cathedral, and whether they should be thrown out or not, though of course we have our slightly silly moments, like the time we ended up debating Doctor Who... But that is a completely different story...

Anyway, the point is, the debating club is great, and I love it. So, on to the next event of the week - The Debating Club's Christmas Charity Raffle. It's the first one we have organised, and we're hoping it will be a great success - all proceeds are going to charity, after all. In fact they are going to be donated to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children. A wonderful Charity cause if I do say so myself, and so we hope plenty of tickets will be sold so that GOSH will get a fantastic Christmas surprise! Unfortunately we have only been able to organise to open the raffle to years 11-13, but we hope that this won't be a setback.

And then, of course, there are the Christmas Holidays themselves, which, although they'll no doubt be full of revision for many of us, will be fun all the same. So, that leaves me with one more thing to say:

Have a fantastic time, stay safe and ENJOY!